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dh Ministries - David & Heather Tucker

Matt Baker - Pastoral Support Director in English Football

In November 2009 Matt Baker was appointed as Pastoral Support Director in English Football with the support of the Premier League, Football League Trust and the Professional Footballers’ Association. Matt’s role is to oversee chaplaincy throughout the English professional leagues offering training, support and encouragement to chaplains at the various clubs. Previously he had been a leader in CBCF, one of the River Network Churches, and maintains his links with the Network.

David & Heather Tucker lead dh Ministries which has the aim of developing and supporting Christian Leaders across the Nations. David stood down from leading Wey Christian Fellowship in Weybridge in November 2009 to focus on the wider ministry. Since 1993 he has travelled extensively on missions trips across the globe and helped to form Mission Africa in 2001.

David, together with Matt Baker, led the Million Leaders Mandate training for River Network and, with the support of River Network, has taken the course to Africa enabling thousands of African Christian leaders to receive the training. He has also presented 3 day teaching conferences for African leaders and has developed a mentoring and fathering role with many leaders.

Steve Gurnett - OAC Evangelist

Steve Gurnett is an evangelist with OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners). He regularly preaches with a sketchboard on streets around the London area and further afield and helps to train budding evangelists in street preaching technique. He takes his skills to Nigeria every year and works with local churches and schools. Steve is an elder at Charlton & Blackheath Christian Fellowship.

Mission Africa

Mission Africa is an interdenominational evangelistic and teaching ministry with bases in the UK and Uganda.

Their aim is to reach, teach, equip and serve the people of Africa.

They have three main areas of ministry:

Discipleship Training Conferences Evangelism and evangelism training Leadership Conferences

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